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YIP SAM - leaves that cover the brightness of the heart

Atualizado: 8 de Out de 2020

In Chinese culture there is a very deep and poetic idea related to the discovery of the true Self called "YIP SAM". In this conception, in order for the heart to regain its original brightness, it is necessary to remove the layers of leaves that cover and overshadow it. Only then will we be able to hear and follow our heart.

But what are these leaves that cover our humanity as Patriarch Moy Yat said?

They are habits, concepts and prejudices, ideas of others but mainly fears that we acquire over the course of our lives.

The practice of Kung Fu brings to light different aspects of our conduct and reveals the hidden layers that need to be cleaned in order to improve us as human beings.

This is a deconstruction process in which the Master has a very important role because he provokes his Disciple to develop and refine his nature.

For this to happen, the relationship between them must be built on trust and mutual respect.

I have always had very rich conversations with my Si Fu after Kung Fu bodily practices.

She introduced me to the “ Kung Fu perspective”  and how to applied this vision on situations I experienced at work and  home.

Fears that surfaced, for example, were never muffled but observed and welcomed  to be only then  overcome. These experiences and the resulting learning came to profoundly influence my personal and professional development, changing my daily conduct with my clients and employees.

Little by little I started to have positive results at work when using Kung Fu concepts.

So I started, the process of removing the leaves that covered the glow of my heart …one by one!

Thus reported

Angela Carvalho "Moy On Gaak Lai" ,

Fourth Disciple of Senior Master Ursula Lima 'Moy Lin Mah' and member of the Council of Disciples of the Moy Lin Mah Family along with Rodolpho Alcântara, André Villarreal, Helena Carneiro, Fernanda Lima, Heitor Furtado, Vítor Barros and Marcus Souza.

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