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The Strength of the Horse and the delicacy of the Flower

Atualizado: 8 de Out de 2020

This first meeting with Mestra Ursula Lima was very special and determinant. 

She spoke with great passion about her art and demonstrated a sincere commitment in transmitting her knowledge. Her jovial appearance was balanced by the firmness in the voice, by the wide gestures.

Her Kung Fu name, Moy Lin Mah, describes very well her personality: "She has the strength of the horse and the delicacy of the Lotus flower".

At the moment, I didn´t know that soon I would taste these two qualities of my Master!

Master Ursula's qualifications also caught my attention. Grandmaster Leo Imamura's disciple (Disciple of Patriarch Moy Yat and introducer of Ving Tsun in Latin America) she has been practicing Ving Tsun Kung Fu since she was 16 years old. She was the first woman to be recognized internationally as a Qualified Master and Senior Master by the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Federation.

 I was delighted when she explained to me that Yim Ving Tsun was the name of the young woman who structured the Martial System. The knowledge passed on by a Nun from the Shaolin Monastery - Ng Mui. Ving Tsun is therefore an efficient Kung Fu system where the important thing is not the strength but the development of strategic intelligence. It gave me extra motivation to move on. In another post I will tell you more about the story of this extraordinary woman.

Master Ursula made it clear that I would have, in the martial environment of her Mogun (school, place of practice, in Chinese), a safe space to learn more about myself, about my relationships with others in a different way, through my body.

She confirmed to me that Kung Fu was more than a fight, it was a way of live a better life.

Even today I admire the enormous patience that my Master had and has with me.

In the beginning I was often frightened by the feelings and emotions that came up in Kung Fu body practices. Insecurity, fears, anger, inadequacy arose and were welcomed by her in a natural way. At these moments we stopped for a cup of tea and talked about what was happening inside me. 

It was not rare that my body revealed behaviors that were new for me! For example: I considered myself as a person open to listen and to welcome opinions. In the body practice of Kung Fu I revealed my imposing facet that reduced my listening to others. I discovered that I needed to refine myself.

They were discoveries that showed that the great fight was not outside, but inside me.

Thus reported

Angela Carvalho "Moy On Gaak Lai" ,

Fourth Disciple of Senior Master Ursula Lima 'Moy Lin Mah' and member of the Council of Disciples of the Moy Lin Mah Family along with Rodolpho Alcântara, André Villarreal, Helena Carneiro, Fernanda Lima, Heitor Furtado, Vítor Barros and Marcus Souza.

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